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animal welfare
Green Peace
Find out about this group and their upcoming campaigns.
Species at Risk in Canada
Either in French or in English providing information about species at risk in Canada.
Animal advice, campaigns, facts, education and more.

Arch Net
This Virtual Library site provides you with a searchable site, journals, search by Country and Museums.


A good guide for History of Art, with a few current exhibitions.
Art Attack
This is the Art Attack TV show web site, an educational programme for teaching Arts and Crafts. It also has a teachers' bulletin board area. It uses Flash for multimedia effects and is a fun place for children.
Art History on the Web
A fantastic site full of good information.
The Art Institute of Chicago
Collections, exhibitions and programmes. There is also a section for kids and families with a Q&A section.
This site is a central linking point for a group of organizations and agencies working on computer and information technology issues that impact the Arts management process.
Art Serve
The Department of Art History & Visual Studies at the Australian National University, offers access to around 80,000 images. History of Art and Architecture. With search facility.
Art Studio Chalkboard
This site is a resource for artists and Art students that focuses on the technical fundamentals of perspective, shading, colour and painting, a must site for artists.
Asian Arts
The on-line journal for the study and exhibition of the Arts of Asia. A lovely site with great images. Has
a quick link section.
CFA School of Art & Art History
This is part of the University of Florida, a refreshing site.
Ancient Arts
This online Gallery invites you to explore the ancient culture of the Pacific Northwest Coast. Experience an artistic heritage rich in ceremonial and aesthetic traditions.
Ever wondered where the inspiration may have come from for the amazing creatures on films such as "Alien"?
Goya - Virtual exhibition
The Internet Art Store
With over 10,000 products from many of the world's leading manufacturers, the first place to come if you need to find out about anything in the World of Art.
Johannes Vermeer
Here you will find what Johannes generally painted: men and women in seventeenth-century rooms, but also occasional outdoor scenes, allegory and religious themes.
Joseph Wu's Origami Page
This site has many resources on Origami (orukami), the Japanese art of paper folding. These include folding diagrams, photo galleries, and links to other Web sites.
Michael Whelan
A fantastic site on his Science Fiction/Fantasy Art.
Pablo Picasso
An extensive site full of Picasso's work.
Rodin 2000
The project is driven by the extraordinary story of how one version of Rodin's famous statue "The Kiss" came to be in Lewes for thirty years.
Salvador Dali Museum
A great site.
Vincent van Gogh
Displaying 100% of Vincent van Gogh's works within the Gallery. This site contains information about all of Van Gogh's 2,211 works. An excellent site!
The Official Ron Walotsky Web Site containing over 100 of his best multi-genre works.
World of Escher
Bringing the incredible work and life of the Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher to the public at large.
World Art Treasures
This site includes the main civilizations, such as Egypt, China, Japan, India, Europe. Its purpose is to offer a different approach to Art through the internet, with 100,000 slides to look at.
World Wide Arts
This site contains arts information on the World Wide Web. Packed full of information with search facility and great links.

Find out your astrological chart by birth place, time and date. A great site to explore your star sign in more detail and see what the planets hold for you!

The Anglo-Australian Observator
Provides observing facilities for British and Australian optical Astronomers, containing great pictures!
Astronomy Program
From the University of Massachusetts.
Planet Scape
A multimedia adventure showing the splendor of the Sun, planets, moons, comets, asteroids, and much more.
Space & Astronomy for Kids's guide that gives you many great links.
Space Science Centre
Specialising in the study of planetary and interplanetary magnetised plasmas.
Solar System Simultor
Provides a graphical view from space of your favourite planet or satellite!
Star Child
A Learning Centre for young Astronomers.
An interesting and informative site.

books - cd's & videos
Accelerated Learning
Books which provide teaching ideas for pre-school children and for students of all ages, teachers and parents, great for boosting brain power!
Achuka Children's Books
With lots of fun and educational books to buy.
Granada Learning
The UK's leading publisher of educational multimedia.

World Language
Books, videos, dictionaries, translators and spell checkers are among the features of this site. Available in 725 languages!

business & finance

Know Marketing
An extensive site with all you need to know about marketing including advertising, selling and promotion, with a search facility.

The UK's free national help line for children and young people in trouble or danger.

Youth 2 Youth
Provides both a telephone and e-mail helpline. This service allows you to talk confidentially to a team of trained, young volunteers.

Africa Online
An excellent information source on Africa.
America - Chicago
Everything from tourism to zoos. Packed with info!
China the Beautiful
A fantastic site which covers lots including; Classical Chinese Art, Calligraphy, Poetry, History, Literature, Painting, Philosophy and a search engine.
Egyptofocus - Egypt
A guide mainly to travel & tourism, but also includes some history and some questions that have been asked.
The Greatest Places
Explore this fantastic site, which will take you to exciting countries including; the Amazon, Greenland, Iguazu, Madagascar and Tibet.
A search engine on India.
Go on a tour around Ireland without leaving your seat.
Kids Web Japan
Find out lots about Japan, including the tradition, culture, nature and climate.
Latin America
Many great links also with pages on Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and South America. Lots of information.
Mexico for Kids
In Spanish or English. Here you can find out about the History and Culture through to music, tales and a Shockwave game.
Orientation Asia
This site is a gateway to Asia on the Web with: news, travel, business, trade, culture and lots more. Has a search facility.
An extensive site with lots of good information to help you discover what Paris has to offer.
All about Spain
A great tri-lingual site, in which it's easy to find out lots about Spain. Includes tourist information, travel agents, places to visit and much more!
Takes you on a safari to a different country every month with information on the country's geography, economy, and society. Has great pictures.

design & technology
Arts Wire
This site contains workshops, programmes, and consultations with artists and arts organizations - with training, planning, and technical support in telecommunications. Arts Wire is also a forum for creating and experiencing online art.
British Educational Communications and Technology Agency.
The Design and Technology Association.
Technology Education Index

Lots of great projects to try in this site, dedicated just to this and also has a search facility.

dictionaries & encyclopaedias
Britannica Encyclopaedia
Compton's Encyclopaedia
A searchable site.
Including Roget's Thesaurus, grammar, a translator and other dictionaries.
E - Conflict
World Encyclopaedia which contains Countries with their Anthems, Flags, Maps, History, Weather, Geography, Government and Economic Information. A great site that helps to increase cultural awareness.
The Internet's premiere free encyclopaedia! Uses a search facility with information taken from the Concise Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, third Edition.
Encyclopaedia Mythica
An encyclopaedia on mythology, folklore, and legend.
Oxford Dictionary
Smithsonian Encyclopaedia
Covering a wide range of topics, this site has many links.

University of Victoria
The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Victoria's selected areas of research. Includes; Computer Science, Electrical & Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

Alphabet Superhighway's Writing Center
A very well designed writing site, with guides for writing in many forms and for different purposes. Highly recommended.
English Teaching in the United Kingdom
Find lots of great links with everything related to English. An extensive and useful site.
The English Server
The ESL Quiz Center
A useful literacy resource. Aimed mainly at ESL students. Lively and interesting language quizes covering different aspects of reading and writing.
The Internet Grammar of English
This is an online course in English grammar written primarily for university undergraduates, but also for any-one who is interested in the English language.
Journalism UK
This site is aimed at print journalists writing for UK magazines or based in the UK.
National Literacy Trust
Up-to-date information on all aspects of literacy as it appears on the news, including overviews of key policies such as the National Literacy Strategy.
Online Literacy Criticism Collection
This collection contains 3265 critical and biographical websites about authors and their works that can be browsed by author, by title, or by nationality and literary period.
Penguin Classics
The largest on-line resource dedicated to the world's classic literature.
Pure Fiction
This Web site is for anybody who loves to read, or aspires to write bestselling fiction. You'll find book reviews and previews, a wealth of writing advice, an online bookshop, and a writers' showcase.
Self Study for ESL Students
EFL, ELT and ESL. Fantastic self study resource Quizzes on idioms slang phrasal verbs, well presented.
Surfing with the Bard
Your Shakespeare Classroom on the Internet!
Webster's On-line dictionary

environmental studies
Aerosols in the Stratosphere
Lots of information, including myths on Ozone layer depletion such as that CFCs are heavier than air, so they can't reach the Ozone layer.
Dinosaur Extinction
The Volcano-Greenhouse Theory. The Impact Versus Volcano Dinosaur Extinction Debate. An extensive study on this subject with other links. Heavy reading, but very interesting.
Early Life
The Smithsonian's virtual tour of the history of life on Earth. Examining how we may be able to predict the future.
Earth Science Resources
This San Diego State University site provides information on many areas including: Earthquake Information Resources and Natural Disaster Resources.
Earth System Science
A starting point for your reference as you explore this field, or a place to look for the latest ESS developments.
The Hurricane Hunters
It's true! They fly airplanes right into the eye of the hurricane, and they invite you along for the ride-in Cyberspace!
Let's Go Around the World
Featuring 'Great Learning Adventures' on Africa and the Amazon rainforest.
A programme in the Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences, which oversees graduate study in atmospheric science, oceanography, and climate physics and chemistry.
The Rainforest
RAN's campaigners are proven leaders and innovators in the strategies and tactics of corporate campaigning.
U.S. Geological Survey Pasadena Office Earthquake Information. Includes Current Earthquake Information and future earthquake predictions.
Watershed Game
Learn about watersheds, then play a quiz game about them in different places, including parks, farms, cities and neighbourhoods. Also build a Prairie, then watch the prairie come to life in exciting animations!
What forces affect our weather?
An interesting site that examines weather and how it affects us, with studies on Volcanoes, forecasting and our changing climate. Has links to other good, yet not completely relevant sites.
World Wild life Fund Canada
Known worldwide by its panda logo, WWF is the world's largest and most experienced independent conservation organization. WWF's mission is to protect nature and the biological diversity that we all need in order to survive.
World Wild life Fund UK

English Server Fiction collection
This site offers works of and about fiction collected from authors worldwide, and texts in the public domain.

Dave Wakefield's Geography Page
Geography Home Page
Useful for anyone seeking Geography information (teachers/students/general interest).
Map Machine
The National Geographic finds you country maps, facts, flags, profiles, physical and political maps, and "views from above." Excellent as you would expect!
National Atlas Of the United States
with National Atlas Online, Interactive Map Browser with Geographical, species and Vegetation maps.
National Geographic
Ordnance Survey
Great Britain's National Map.
Programme in Atmospheres, Oceans, and Climate.
Teletext CAMELL Expedition
This is an exciting IT orientated expedition attempting the first ever tour of Australia with camels!
Volcano World

The British Council
British Elections and Politics
CCTA Government Information Service
Commission for Racial Equality
Democracy On-line
Department for Education and Employment
10 Downing Street
The Human Rights Caravan
The Jewish Agency for Israel
Lots of information, great for learning about Israel. Includes teacher training, youth resources and trips to Israel.
Passed in 1966, the Freedom of Information Act provides the public and industry a means of acquiring information about Federal Government activities.
National Curriculum
National Grid for Learning
Office of Fair Trading
Ofsted Reports
Parlimentary Channel, The

health & special needs
Asthma Centre
In Association with the Scripps Clinic, Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Division. Find out what to look out for.
Access 20-20
Canadian site for all your braille needs. You can order on-line.
A Special Needs site devoted to ADD-ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder - Attention Deficit Hyperactive disorder). Very thorough free site and newsletter with excellent links.
The Allergy Guide
This BBC site offers up-to-date information and useful advice. For everything you need to know about allergy and what it means to the 8 million allergy sufferers in the UK.
Asperger Syndrome
Online Asperger Syndrome information and support. This is probably one of the best sites on this little known and often misdiagnosed disorder. Everything you ever wanted to know about Asperger's Syndrome.
British Nutrition Foundation
Lots of relevant and good information.
The official British Web site offering specialised careers information for disabled university students/graduates.
Department of Health & Human Services
Lots of informative and good links.
Discovery Health
A fantastic site covering a broad range of health topics.
Diabetes Trust
Insulin Dependent Diabetes Trust, a charity registered in the UK. This vast site is devoted to insulin and diabetes.
Health A to Z
A site packed full of useful information on your health needs.
1001 Herbs
A natural solutions to your health questions and problems. You can search 1001 Herbs by symptom, or in the product database.
Kids Food Cyber Club
This is the place for good food fun. There are fun activities in each section of the Kids Food Cyber Club.
Kids Health
BBC online - Find out how your body works! Do a body tour and have a real close look. How you think about yourself matters - it can affect your school and home life. Need a break? Why not try some fun activities?
Muscular Dystrophy Association
This Australian organisation maintains a site with lots of good content. It is well indexed and contains practical advice as well as quite specialised information, well worth a visit.
Nutrition Cafe
Work out your daily calorie intake, how to get the best out of your food and find out what nutrients you could be missing with a game. A fun and educational site.
Stanford University
The School of Medicine. Includes a research directory in the Biomedical & Biological Sciences.

The Anglo Boer War 1899-1902 & the Siege & Relief of Ladysmith
Bubl Link
An extensive resource for Historical links.
The Field Museum
An American museum site which is easy to navigate and full of information which is readily accessible. It has some very helpful hints on preparing a museum visit and how to help your students focus.
Belle Vue Revisited
A history of the Belle Vue Zoological Gardens from its inception in 1836 until its closure in 1981.
Civil Rights Oral History Bibliography
Interviews on the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi.
German-American Centre
With full text publications, teaching resources and units and links to other sites.
The Historical Association
This site is for those interested in the past and it furthers the study and teaching of history at all levels: teacher and student, amateur and professional.
The History Channel
Search any topics on history, this day in History and History on Television.
The History Channel UK
A broad site covering news stories from a historical perspective, and a resource for teachers and students, with a debate area and regular competitions.
Longsight Memories
A history of the Longsight District of Manchester during the period from 1930 to 1970.
The Mary Rose
An excellent museum website.
History Online
This site provides easy access to on-line resources in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world, providing quality information about the history profession including books, articles, theses, seminars and historians.ething for everybody here.
The School of Cooperative Individualism
Spartacus Educational
The Spanish Armada of 1588
Potentially a huge resource for anyone studying the Spanish Armada of 1588.

information technology
All you need to know to choose your favorite Mac OS system and peripherals.
Store, online services, product index and more.
Apple Macs
A university site that has a collection of notes and tips on various hardware and software available.
Apple for Schools
Visit the new Apple Store for Education and get the latest news plus some downloadable and entirely free software.
The chartered Engineering Institution for Information Systems Engineering.
The UC Berkeley Linux Users Group, the Computer Science Division.
CDF central UNIX facility
This facility is used for data analysis of CDF data.
Escala Servers
The world's fastest Unix server at the head of a new range, accompanied by services and partnerships for building the e-Infrastructure.
Logic Software from CSLI
The award-winning text/software packages: Hyperproof, The Language of First-order Logic, Tarski's World and Turing's World.
Crocodile Clips
Data Harvest
Dave Central
With the Linux software and Windows archives.
Digital Workshop
Buy products online.
DELL Computers
Software, books and technical support.
Engineering Computing.
Hewlett Packard
10 Web-based courses for those who either know little and wish to achieve Web mastery, or who are already knowledgeable and wish to learn a new language or skill.
Millennium Software
The Millennium Software, LLC web site, is home to the Atrex inventory control/POS software.
The 32bit OS Center!
Software, help, downloads and search for software.
Packaging Designer
PCB Wizard
Pc Training
Self study courses on interactive CD's, videos and books.

PC Week
Keeping up to date with I.T, this site is updated daily. Also includes a search facility.
Educational software.
Space Physics Software
This software is free. "xspace" is a space physics educational software package. It is designed to introduce students to space physics concepts and to be used as exercises for class homework or assignments.
Sun Site
Part of the Imperial College, London.
Tucows Network
Faster, Better Downloads!
Teachers evaluating Educational Software.

Specialists in Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacture.
Web Developer's Library
A comprehensive illustrated encyclopaedia of web technology, with a goldmine of tutorials, examples, and links to great resources.
Web 66

A site that aims to integrate the Internet into schools which includes advice on how to set up your own Internet servers and how to find appropriate resources on the web.
A must site to visit!

internet tools
ASK JEEVES for kids
The questions asked here will lead to Web pages that have been carefully reviewed and "G-rated."
A Webmaster's Guide to Search Engines
Debian Tutorial
A free operating system (OS) for your computer. Debian GNU/Linux is based on the Unix operating system.
Search Engine.
Kids Search Engines
This filters out sites that some parents and teachers might find inappropriate for kids.
Lycos UK
Muscat EuroFerret
Off line reading
Search Spaniel
Submit It
Search engine registration site.
UK Searchable Directory
Yahoo! UK & Ireland

Language Centre
A range of courses covering different languages and levels.
German Language & Culture
Lots of links on this site.
Lycos for Kids - German site
Schools Online Project - Languages
Online Translator
Schools OnLine - Spanish Home Page
Weavers French site
The site now contains more than 65 interactive exercises for all age ranges and abilities.
WWW Resources for French as a Second Language

Ask Eric
Awesome Library
This site contains 14,000 carefully reviewed resources, including the top 5% in education.
British Library
Electronic Access to the UK's public libraries with a guaranteed response within 48 hours. Teachers, students and members of the general public are welcome to use the service.
Encyclopaedia Britannica
UK Libraries On-line
Virtual Library

local government
The Kent IT in Schools Partnership
(KITSch) is a partnership between Canterbury Christ Church University College and The Kent Advisory Team (KCSA) and is one of only 30 training organisations approved nationally.

The Economist
The Economist Intelligence Unit
Practical Electronics
The UK's No. 1 Electronics Magazine for practical electronics technology and computer projects.
Stanford University
SCCM - The Scientific Computing/ Computational Mathematics Programme is in the School of Engineering and offers the graduate degrees of M.S. and Ph.D. (U.S.A)

World Papers Online

Calculus Internet
A calculus site that offers extensive information about all areas of calculus. It gives good explanations as well as examples that are very user friendly.
Calculus Mathematica
From the University of Illinois. Instead of using rote memorization, students in C&M use experimentation and real-time visualization to learn fundamental calculus concepts and ideas.
Internet Mathematics Library
Search and Browse the Library with search facility.
The MacTutor History of Mathematics archive
Part of the School of Mathematics and Statistics and the University of St Andrews Scotland.
For Teachers, Parents and Students, this site is sure to have the information you're looking for.
The Math Forum
This site includes: 2000 Mathematics Puzzle, Conferences and Workshops and Math Forum Problems of the Week.
Math Goodies
A free educational web site featuring interactive maths lessons.
Maths VR
This is an independent web based service, designed specifically as a means of sharing good ideas for teaching and learning Mathematics.
MIT Department of Mathematics
Go to the useful links section.

Swansea Maths Department
Part of the University of Swansea.

museums & art galleries
A Gem of a Story
Part of the National Museum of Natural History in Washington. This site includes an electronic field trip and lots of interesting info and pictures on Gems.
Agfa Photo Gallery
There are three galler
ies to choose from. You will find high class photographs from professionals and amateurs.
American Museum of Paper Making
This museum is a renowned resource on the history of paper and paper technology. Featuring a remarkable collection of over 10,000 watermarks, papers, tools, machines, and manuscripts.
British Toy Museums
A list of Toy Museums some with an e-mail address, others with just the address and telephone number.
Capella Sistina
This site contains lots of pictures some of which are enlarged, including the Sistine Chapel.
The Design Museum
Featuring an online exhibition.
Expressions of Hindu Devotion
Part of Smithsonian Institution with programmes for Teachers and links to sites on Devi and more, a great site for learning more about Asia
n culture.
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
24 Hour Museum
Use the Museum Finder to plan visits and to source information. The Magazine contains all the latest news and features, and the Archive section can be used to find past articles featured on the site.
Hunterian Museum
Le Louvre
London Canal Museum
Find out about London's canals and how Ice Cream was made the 1850's.
Maths Art Gallery
Have a look at some great Maths Art! With animations and the source files for generating these pictures.
The Museum of Antiques
Quite a different site because of the content, yet good. Visit the Virtual Gallery and consult their archives.
The Museum of Modern Art
What's on, collections, educational resources and more!
The Chicago Museum of Science & Industry
The Museum for Textiles
The only museum in Canada exclusively devoted to the collection, exhibition, and documentation of textiles from around the world.
National Air and Space Museum
Part of the Smithsonian Museum.
The National Gallery
The National collection of Western European painting, with around 2,300 paintings.
National Museum of African Art
Part of the Smithsonian Institution
including ancient and contemporary work.
National Museum of American Art
National Museum of American History
Part of Smithsonian Institute, a very good site.
National Museum of Natural History
Part of the Smithsonian Institution,
a lovely site.
Natural History Museum
Natural History Museum, Berne - Switzerland
An interesting site.
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
Ordsall Hall Museum
Discover the rich history of Salford's Hidden Gem. This Elizabethan Manor House museum also offers school trips and guided tours.
Oriental Institute Museum
River & Rowing Museum - Henley on Thames
This gallery includes six interactive exhibits to suit children of all ages, introducing the museum's three themes of Rowing, Thames and Henley.
Science Net
The Museum of Science Boston
Online exhibitions, great links and lots more!
The Science Museum
Practical information on visiting the Museum and current events.
The Smithsonian Institute
The Tate Gallery
With access to the three Tate galleries.
V & A
This museum is home to 145 galleries, including the national collections of sculpture, furniture, fashion and textiles, paintings, silver, glass, ceramics, jewellery, books, prints and photographs.
Victoria and Albert Museum
Web Museum
Most of the great painters are represented here, with appraisals of their work and images of some of their paintings.
William Morris Gallery
This Gallery is part of the Arts & Leisure Department of the London Borough of Waltham Forest.
Yahoo's Museums & Galleries

Beautiful Music
Here you can read about the 101 Strings, learn about licensing or publishing of their music, or just browse their available music titles.
Children's Music Web
In this site you will find links like the Children's Music List, which can take you to almost every kid's music site on the web.
Fox Plays UK
Offers a range of one and two act plays and musicals, most of which are suitable for use in Schools.
Latin Rhythms

For anyone interested in learning a little more about these wonderful rhythms.
The National Sound Archive
One of the largest sound archives in the world, which now holds more than a million discs, 170,000 tapes and a growing number of videos.
All you need to know about the band, including tour dates and regular news updates.
The River 107.5 fm
Nashville's most listened to radio station which plays the hottest hits.

natural history
Dino Don
Explore this fantastic site with Dinosaur art, a Dinosaur dictionary, Dinosaur contests, Dinosaur news and so much more!
Sea World

Search the Animal Information Database and check out the animal Safari!

BBC news
Current news headlines and stories.
News on most topics, a searchable site.
The Daily Mail - Financial Supplement
The Daily Mail - IT Supplement
The Evening Standard
The Guardian
The Independent
International news
Local news
Microsoft's NBC site.
National news

New York Times
The Radio Times
Time for Kids
A great news site that is interesting for kids.
Sydney Morning Herald
The Times
Times Educational Supplement
The Week

on-line organisations
BBC Education
British Educational Communications and Technology agency.
The British Library
This provides reading room, bibliographic, document supply and information services, as well as exhibitions, publications and events.
Channel Four Learning
A site dedicated to learning, with an online shop. View this week's highlights on Channel 4 Schools and other features such as Homework Help.
EduWeb from RM
UK-schools from AOL

on-line training/quiz
Academic systems
Award winning interactive maths and English multimedia courses for students and teachers.
EduWeb is an Internet service for use by teachers and pupils, and is full of education resources and links.
Getting On-line:
Advanced Internet Training.
Web based training from
Ziff Davies University
ZD University offers dozens of online classes in the hottest topics in computing today. New classes start every week.

Cabaret Mechanical Theatre
Experience mechanical wonders. This is very much like drifting into a bizarre and fascinating dream.
Discovery Online
Disney World
With everything you ever wanted to know about Disney, with games, activities events and much more. Great fun for the whole family.
Eco Travel
Offers information on travel that benefits conservation and local communities!
Flags of the World
A site full of large colour flags on every country of the world.
Free FLowers Worldwide
With a network of specialized floral web sites, featuring international flower delivery to over 150 countries worldwide.
This site is part of the Virtual Library and has plenty of links for your gardening needs.
Great Waves
Educational software in Maths, Language Arts, Social Studies and Early Learning.
Jelly Belly
Find out all about the famous and tasty Jelly Bellys. Take a tour around the factory and find out how they are made.
K E.W.L Educational sites
Lots of sites to choose from, a good site to investigate.
Kids Click
A searchable site for kids, very good.
Kids Jokes
All sorts of jokes and humour for kids and all the family - just for kids like you. A fun, clean site with thousands of jokes.
The Learning Curve
An excellent collection of learning materials from the National Archives provided by the Public Record Office.
A fantastic site!
Map Quest
Type in an address, and you get a map, for practically anywhere in the world!
Martin Luther King
With related stories and links.
Otter Weather Vanes
Specialist designers and manufacturers of quality weather vanes.
Party Box
Party supplies purchased online and delivered to your door.
Post codes Online
With Royal Mail, You can now find any Postcode or Address within the UK.
Railtrack Timetables
Royal Television Society
Britain's foremost and the world's oldest television society. It is a unique, independent society concerned with every aspect of television development.
The Scottish Beekeepers Association
An interactive website dedicated to education about Bees and beekeeping in the UK, with particular reference to Scotland.
The Sony corporation.
The Simpson's
Stanford Law and Technology Policy Centre
Helping Policymakers Better Understand How the Law Promotes Technology Development, Regulates New Technology, and Responds to Technological Change.
Tactile Colour
Texas A&M University Oceanography
Including OceanWorld, Ocean careers and Quarterdeck, their research and education magazine.
Travels with Samantha Home
The Ultimate Directory Of Cooking Sites.
A fantastic resource for parents, teachers and learners, offering loads of helpful advice and information. Supported by The Times Educational Supplement.
Treasure Island - Home
Virtual Law Library
Any Law related topic you can think of. A great site with search facility.
Wallace & Gromit
Wood that Works
A specialised site on amazing spring driven kinetic wooden sculptures wood works by artist David C. Roy.
Lots of advice from UCAS which is very useful when looking at entering University.

parents' corner
5 A Day
A great site to encourage your young ones to eat healthy food, by making it fun at the same time.
For Educators, librarians, parents, or anyone interested in education, AskERIC's Q&A Service can help!
Baby Centre

Learn all about your baby in this site which is dedicated just to that topic.
Children's Educational Software
Buy software for your child to learn from. With a magazine and discount catalogue.
Cyber Netiquette
A site to teach your young ones valuable lessons about online safety. Join the Disney characters in this beautifully illustrated and fun site.
ERIC Clearinghouse-
on Reading, English, and Communication. This site provides educational materials, services, and coursework to everyone interested in the Language Arts.
Family Education
Your child's development through the years, news and trends that affect your family, tips and resources to help you in your parenting and more.
Fun Brain
Expand your child's educational skills with interactive games with subjects such as: Maths, Culture and the universe. Search the Web for parenting resources.
Kids Health
A very detailed site that can help with all sorts of problems, as well as giving information on a lot of illnesses. A must for parents!
Kid Source
Providing parents and educators with a source for education, health care and recreation information.

An ISP specifically designed for kids, with limited access for them on the web to enable only safe, fun and educational sites, while giving parents unlimited access. All you pay for is the
Chateau Meddybemps
Visit this site for learning activities and fun illustrated stories for children, older children and grown ups. The Bean Spotter's Guide is highly amusing! An absolute must site to visit.
CTW Family Workshop
Lots of great sites to visit!
Family Internet
A good site, particularly for Parents. Safe browsing from USA.
The Learning Arc
This site is great for finding out more about your toddler, with an activity centre, child development and Parent to Parent section.
Parental Control of the Internet
The Parenting Community
Parenting USA based site which deals with family issues ranging from maternity to chat sessions about adoption and playgroups. Definitely worth a visit.
Parents' Place
Resources for parents who want to help their children excel in school. Check out the Home Activity Center, Homework Help, Kids' Publishing Corner, the Play Center, and the Home Schooling links.
Parents & Children together
An online magazine where you can read what other parents and kids are interested in, or submit an article yourself and read some great stories.
Parents Guide to the Internet
An American site which offers guidance on access for students at home and on how to use the Internet.
Parent Soup
Parenting form pre-pregnancy to teens, lots of interesting and helpful information.
Preschool Playground
Laugh and learn with your little one. Including activities such as: Create an interactive storybook starring your favourite Sesame Street Muppet and and help your preschooler build a personal Web page.
Safe Kids
Here you'll find tips, advice and suggestions to make your family's online experience fun and productive!
Get your hands on the latest toys here! Includes lots more, such as books and furniture.

Word Pool
The children’s book site for parents, teachers and writers.

Yuckie's Parent's Guide
Recommended lists of sites for you to browse with your youngster.

Intoduction page, provides a rough guide to the basic Buddhist teachings in the Theravada ("school of the elders") tradition. It is intended to give a taste of the teachings of Buddha.

Philosophy Resources Online. This site includes thousands of links to philosophy resources on the internet and has several additional features.

Touring Turn-of-the-Century America
Photographs from the Detroit Publishing company 1880-1920.

Poetry Archive
A small collection of works by modern poets, including sound files and related illustrations.
Walt Whitman - Leaves of Grass
This site contains the whole book.
The Works of William Blake
Poetical sketches, very good.

religious education
Arundel & Brighton Virtual Diocese
Bible Gateway
Catholic Information Network
The Christian Catacombs of Rome
A very informative and user friendly site where you will find a lot of information on early church life. Has some good information on Discipleship too.
About Islam and Muslims
Jesuit Resources
on the World Wide Web.
Judaism 101
An online encyclopedia of Judaism, covering Jewish beliefs, people, places, things, language, scripture, holidays, practices and customs.
Navigating the Torah
Religious Education Exchange Service
Covers many subjects including animal rights, euthanasia and human rights.
The Stapleford Centre
An Institute For Christian Development in Education.
The Tablet

schools abroad
European Schoolnet
An online environment providing partner-finding facilities, tips, advice, tools, workspaces…basically everything we can think of to help you work with European or World partners on the Internet!

About Rainbows
Agricultural Biotechnology
This site aims to assist secondary agriscience teachers with the incorporation of agricultural biotechnology into their curriculum.
The University of Oxford's Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics Department.
Atomic Physics
The Division of Atomic Physics at Lund Institute of Technology (LTH), Lund University, Sweden.
BBC online - Science
A brilliant site featuring the latest science programs and ones to come.
Beakman and Jax
Good for starting points in science topics. A science site for children ranging from KS2 to KS4 with a range of interesting investigations e.g. find out why your feet smell!
Beyond 2000
A brilliant site which explores lots of future possibilities.
Biology & Biotechnology Research Programme. Find out more about their missions, research and facilities.
Biological servers on the Web
These reference pages are intended to provide some help to biologists looking for informations through the Internet and particularly for information available from W3 servers.
Bradford -Robotic -Telescope
Carnegie Mellon
Condensed Matter and Biological Physics.
Cognitive Science at Oxford
These pages present people and research concerned with Cognitive Science at the University of Oxford.
Colorado Alliance for Science
Consortium of higher education institutions, businesses and industries, government agencies, K-12 educators, community groups and individuals.
Secret messages for kids only!
Ask Doctor Universe
Ask Dr Universe questions and she will do her best to answer them. Other questions asked have been: Why does electricity shock and do frogs sleep?
Earth and Moon Viewer
An on-line museum of science, fine arts and human perception. Interactive exhibitions on a variety of topics. Sports science, memory and an observatory are amongst the current features.
Fermillab Theoretical Physics Department
A U.S. Department of Energy national laboratory for research exploring the fundamental nature of matter and energy.
Frank Potter's Science Gems
For students, parents, teachers, scientists, engineers and mathematicians, with a search facility.
Food Science & Technology
Part of UC Davis.
Harvard University
Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology. You'll find excellent facilities here: state-of-the-art laboratories, extensive instrumentation, and a library.
HST Greatest Hits 1990-1995 Gallery
Institute for Theoretical Physics
Including Computational Physics, Theory of Condensed Matter and High Energy Physics.
Laboratory for Nuclear Science
From the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, Massachusetts. Provides support for basic research by faculty and research staff members in the fields of nuclear and high energy physics.
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Environmental problem solving through Science and Technology. From the University of California.
Molecular Expressions
Featuring their acclaimed photo galleries that explore the fascinating world of optical microscopy. Offering one of the Web's largest collections of colour photographs taken through an optical microscope.
National Laboratory
Department of energy, University of California.
New Scientist
As you would expect, an excellent site!
Nye labs online
On-line experiments can be found on this site. The experiments are great fun.
NASA Astronauts live on the WWW
On June 22, NASA astronauts will talk about their recent shuttle mission and answer e-mail questions live on the WWW. The event is sponsored by CRESTech, one of the Ontario Centres of Excellence.
Ohio Biological Survey
Comprises of 91 Ohio colleges, universities, museums, zoos, and other organizations. This survey produces and disseminates objective scientific and technical information concerning the flora and fauna with which we share the Ohio environment.
Ohio Physics Department
The College of Mathematical and Physical Sciences.
You can download the viewer
Pathways For Education
Including Doppler Planet Search, Cataclysmic Variables and Tokamak Plasma Spectroscopy.
Royal Greenwich Observatory
Royal Observatory, Edinburgh
The Nine Planets
The Primary Geography Page
Saha Institute Of Nuclear Physics
Theoretical and experimental studies of Condensed Matter Physics including soft condensed matter and surfaces.
The Science Museum London
Science Optics and You
These activities are designed to promote the asking and answering of questions related to light, colour, and optics.
UC Physics Department
The Physics Department at UC San Diego has been counted among the leading departments in the America.
Spires and HEP Database
Search more than 415,000 high-energy physics related articles, including journal papers, preprints, e-prints, technical reports, conference papers and theses.
A one stop shop for Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics in Sussex. The site acts as a gateway to initiatives, projects, careers information and lots more. Of interest to students and teachers.
The Smithsonian Institution Home Page
Stanford University
Department of Chemistry.
Schools Online Project - Science
UCLA Collider Physics
The Collider Detector at Fermilab and the Compact Muon Solenoid experiments.
Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy.
University of California
Atmosperic Science Department, with Sources of Weather Data and Programme Information.
University of California Sandiego
Biology Department.
University of Colorado
Department of Research in Plasma and Beam Physics.
Weather for the Southeast

Black Belt for Kids
A great martial arts site for children with special features in each issue, stories, advice from masters, self-defence instruction, history, and more.
Cric Info
Reports, score cards and a search facility too.
Cyber Cyclery

For all cyclist enthusiasts.
Jump into Snowboarding
Some good information on this popular sport, after you have read all the information take a test to see how much you have learnt. A nice, easy to follow site.
USOC Online
A history on most sports plus games, news, atheletes in training and lots more information. Definitely worth a visit.
Sky Sports Online
An extensive and detailed look at current sports news. An excellent site.
Sport Science

A great site where you can find out the Science behind sports such as Skateboarding, Baseball and Cycling.

National Grid for Learning - A Summary
Scientific American
Recent and past articles ranging from the First Ice Age to Send in the Clones with a search facility. An excellent site full of info!

1-2-1 Heinemann Personal Tutors
This site has lots of tips on tutoring subjects and educational links. The tutors give advice over the phone and provide one to one tutoring, in person.

All about Turtles
Find out more about the Turtle species, explore a pond and find out how you can help.
Nebraska Wildlife
General Information, Special Programmes and Wildlife Habitat search facilities.
Net Vet
Numerous views of Veterinary Medical and Animal resources and beyond. See What's New and be sure to visit this week's best animal-related Web site, the Pick of the Litter.
Peterson Online
If you love birds, you'll love this site. With the basics of bird watching, the latest articles in the Bird Watcher's Digest and a search facility.
The San Antonio Zoo
With over 3,000 animals representing 700 species, The San Antonio Zoo maintains one of the largest animal collections in the United States.
Smithonian Zoology
Photos and a brief description of Mammals, Birds, Invertebrates, Reptiles and Amphibians.
Visitor Orientation Centre
Lots of great links